Britesmith Brewing needed a design that matched its lofty ambitions, which included adding a new front to a structure originally built in the 1800s. Their goals required us to incorporate past, present, and future into one seamless design.


Inspired by the building’s origins as a blacksmith shop, we incorporated elements from the structure’s past to make a trendy, modern bar. The ironwork in the furniture and bar, melted metal in the wood, and even the interior brick and log and plaster back wall all subtly nod to the history of the building without making it feel like it’s stuck in the past.

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Each element of Britesmith Brewing’s design was carefully chosen to create an environment that feels fun and innovative while still maintaining the site’s history. This thoughtfully designed brewery is now a busy and well-loved Western New York staple.

Dansa D'arata Soucia

An accounting and consulting firm moved into a new space in downtown Buffalo and needed to find a way to make it their own.

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